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Jean Bull Wright

Jean Bull Wright
b: 25 August 1930
  • 25 August 1930 - Birth - ; Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Arthur Silas Wright
March 7, 1858 - 4 December 1928
Edward Barhyte Wright
Sep 3 1899 - October 16 1959
Jean Bull Wright
25 August 1930 -
Ernest Miller Bull
03 OCT 1875 - 6 Oct 1943
Dorothy Upham Bull
28 Jun 1900 - 18 May 1953
Edith Upham
29 Dec 1878 - 17 Jun 1946
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Edward Barhyte Wright
BirthSep 3 1899Ohio
DeathOctober 16 1959 Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Marriageto Dorothy Upham Bull
FatherArthur Silas Wright
MotherJulia Barhyte Wright
PARENT (F) Dorothy Upham Bull
Birth28 Jun 1900Cranford, Union, New Jersey, USA
Death18 May 1953 Baltimore, MD
Marriageto Edward Barhyte Wright
FatherErnest Miller Bull
MotherEdith Upham
FJean Bull Wright
Birth25 August 1930Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Marriage21 May 1955to William Gill Brooks at Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
MEdward Barhyte Wright Jr
Birth24 November 1924Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Death1 June 1984
MErnest Hilton Wright
Birth17 June 1926
Death18 March 1986
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Gill Brooks
Birth23 September 1927Baltimore, Maryland
Death13 June 2005 Baltimore, Maryland
Marriage21 May 1955to Jean Bull Wright at Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
FatherRodney Joseph Brooks
MotherMary Agnes Rodgers
PARENT (F) Jean Bull Wright
Birth25 August 1930Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
Marriage21 May 1955to William Gill Brooks at Baltimore County, Maryland, USA
FatherEdward Barhyte Wright
MotherDorothy Upham Bull
MWilliam Gill Brooks
Birth23 Feb. 1956Baltimore, MD
Marriageto Janice Lynn Moore
FDorothy Wright Brooks
BirthApril 16, 1957Baltimore, Md.
MarriageMay 16, 1981to Wilmer Berlin Laufman IV at Baltimore, Md.
FChance Harvey Brooks
BirthApril 23, 1961Baltimore, Md.
MarriageJuly 4, 1987to Edward Rutledge Allen at Cape May, N.J.
FTracey Hilton Brooks
Birth22 May 1963Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Marriageto Francis Osborne Clarkson III
FJean Rodney Brooks
Birth8 January 1959Baltimore, Maryland
Marriage5 March 1994to Christopher Cole at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Descendancy Chart
Jean Bull Wright b: 25 August 1930
William Gill Brooks b: 23 September 1927 d: 13 June 2005
William Gill Brooks b: 23 Feb. 1956
Janice Lynn Moore b: 5 June 1956
William Ryan Brooks b: 24 March 1982
Megan Beth Malooly b: 28 Feb. 1982
Noah Gerard Brooks b: September 20, 2010
Cailey Lynn Brooks b: 8 March, 2007
Dorothy Wright Brooks b: April 16, 1957
Wilmer Berlin Laufman IV b: February 2, 1950
Chance Gill Laufman b: October 2, 1995
Molly Elizabeth Laufman b: October 4, 1991
Jean Brooks Laufman b: September 28, 1988
Wilmer Berlin Laufman b: September 27, 1985
Chance Harvey Brooks b: April 23, 1961
Edward Rutledge Allen b: February 12, 1950
William Finley Allen b: December 31, 1990
Grace Harvey Allen b: January 21, 1988
Tracey Hilton Brooks b: 22 May 1963
Francis Osborne Clarkson III b: 10 February 1960
William Wright Clarkson b: 4 April 1993
Emma Hagood Clarkson b: 31 May 1995
Jean Rodney Brooks b: 8 January 1959
Christopher Cole b: 23 February 1960
Gillian Brooks Cole b: 28 August 1998
Duncan McManus Cole b: 28 April 1996

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